Cars-Online is a fully integrated vehicle buying and selling platform. Whether you are looking for an affordable choice or a luxury investment, we have what you need.

We offer you a hassle-free, legal, and efficient solution to buying and selling your vehicle. All our registered dealers and their listings are pre-approved to guarantee great quality. Our team of dedicated professionals are always available to assist.

We also offer expert advertising services and finance solutions. We ensure that our clients have our full support throughout the sales process and that no answer or enquiry goes unanswered.

Through decades of experience in the South African motor industry, we’re able to provide you with credible, trustworthy service from well-known superior suppliers with who we have formed valuable relationships over the years.

When you compare our offer with others, note- beware of inflated trade-in offers that are conditional on buying another vehicle from the same dealer. Ask whether there’s a discount if you don’t trade-in. It may simply mean you’re paying too much for the car you’re buying.

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At Cars-Online, we specialise in selling pre-owned vehicles. All our vehicles are approved and backed by genuine manufacturer warranties so that when you purchase a vehicle, you can rest assured there will be no hassle or worries.
Through our advanced online optimisation solution, we introduce our brand and vehicles on offer to real end-users. Our dealers are handpicked and pre-approved to ensure they adhere to all the requirements, standards and laws so that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Register your vehicle for sale on Cars-Online only once and enjoy the benefits of having your vehicle advertised on various platforms. Interested buyers choose their detailed specifications and our system delivers the exact matches. Registering with Cars-Online is easy and convenient.

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